Dr. Panzer has residency training in Internal Medicine and he has been a Senior Aviation Medical Examiner since 1987. He examines and certifies airline pilots, commercial pilots, student and private pilots and air traffic controllers for 1st, second and third class medical exams…He also performs the Basic Medical Examination.

What does Dr. Panzer do as an Senior Aviation Medical Examiner?

Dr. Panzer will allay your anxieties and fears because he is experienced in working with pilots… In fact he is a pilot himself… He has a tremendous amount of experience working with pilots and the FAA Aeromedical Certification Division in helping you get your medical even if you have a medical condition that is disqualifying.

The vast majority of patients that Dr. Panzer has examined will get their medicals even if they have conditions that are initially disqualifying. Dr. Panzer will guide you thru the special issuance process working with your doctors and the FAA AeroMedical Certification Division.

Dr. Panzer will explain to you that certain medical conditions must be approved by the FAA Aeromedical Division and certain conditions can be approved by a senior examiner like Dr. Panzer… these are called CACI medical conditions and AME Assisted Special Issuance (AASI) conditions.


All pilots and potential pilots must remember that according to Part 67 of the Federal Aviation Regulations the pilot is responsible to know which conditions and medications are disqualifying either on a temporary or long term basis. If you are not sure either call, email or come in to speak to Dr. Panzer.

If you have a special issuance medical certificate, always bring with you the last letter that you received from the Aeromedical Certification IDivision of the FAA

If you have a CACI condition bring in all the information that is required and mentioned on the CACI Worksheet for that condition.

Do I have to document medical problems that I previously noted on the 8500 form? Click to Learn More.


If you are just not sure where you stand with a medical condition…DON’T WORRY… because Dr. PAnzer has 14 days from the time of your examination to work with you in getting information about your medical condition so that Dr. Panzer can issue your medical certificate directly… in certain medical conditions.

Always bring your SODA and Farnsworth lantern results

Our fee schedule is:
FAA 1st class with EKG $ 305.00
FAA 1st class with out EKG $225.00
FAA 2nd and 3rd class $225.00
Special Issuance Medical: $ 275.00 w/ EKG $355.00
Basic Med: $260.00

There may be additional fees or expenses for additional work that may be involved by Dr. Panzer or his staff.


Please remember to complete your application on MedExpress… prior to your visit and bring your confirmation from medxpress.faa.gov/medxpress/ and photo ID

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